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Wild Health provides personalized, expert care for those suffering from treatment-resistant conditions like trauma, depression, chronic pain, and anxiety.

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The exciting thing about Ketamine is how quickly it can work for many patients. Many find relief from their symptoms within days of starting treatment.
We are very excited to offer Ketamine Treatment at Wild Health.


Ketamine can help reset some of the brain networks involved in depression, allowing them to regain functions that depression has dampened.


Ketamine helps reduce systemic and brain inflammation, which is a contributor to the development of chronic anxiety.


Ketamine can affect memory and emotion centers in the brain in a way that relieves many of the symptoms of traumatic stress.

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We can help where other treatments have failed.  

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Contact Wild Health via phone (859-484-PTSD), or schedule a free consult.

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Ketamine treatment experiences are as unique as each individual patient and are difficult to describe, even after completing multiple infusions. Many patients feel relief beginning at their first treatment, while for others the effects can be more gradual. Schedule a call with our care coordinators to discuss your questions about the experience.

How does it work?

Relieve – Reset – Reduce – Regain
Ketamine relieves many of the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and traumatic stress by resetting brain activity and reducing underlying contributors to disease (such as inflammation), allowing people to regain health and function.

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